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Network Awesome relaunched Written by Charmaine Li on 15. February 2012

Network Awesome
Online TV site Network Awesome has officially re-launched today, with a redesigned archive featuring over 3500 movies, documentaries and interviews; all sourced and curated by 130 volunteers from around the world.
“The day page now has more info about our programming, the most recently published article from our magazine, and even recommended videos based on the type of content you’re watching,” says co-founder Jason Forrest.
The Berlin-based team, sieve through YouTube to package up six shows a day. The network categories range from live music shows to art-house and trailer trash “We also feature pages for all our specially curated events, like the Women Of Punk Week or our (semi) scandalous Salute to Drugs!” says Forrest.
“Since most of the programming is vintage, I thought the demographics would trend towards the later 30s and 40s, but it’s actually extremely popular with younger people in their 20s,” he adds.
The site tentatively launched in January last year, and has since had over 800,000 page views.

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