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New German Startups Group offers up to €250,000 seed VC for budding business Written by Michelle Kuepper on 31. July 2012

seed funding

seed funding

The numbers of German incubators continue to grow with the newest kid on the seed/VC funding block, German Startups Group, joining the Berlin scene.
The fund is targeting young business involved in the digital economy, offering investments of between €50,000 and €250,000. The German Startups Group categorises itself as filling the gap between business angel and VC funding and has announced it already has millions of euros at its investment disposal. This sum will be subsidised by inviting other investors to buy shares, giving them the opportunity to be involved with the development of their portfolio companies.
Differentiating themselves from the crowd of incubators, German Startup Groups is taking a stand for startups, promising to change the typically long and involved process of gaining funding. By using individually adjusted evaluations procedures, quick decisions and standardised contracts, the company wants to allow startups to proceed full steam ahead. The incubator is seeking the standard qualities expected from entrepreneurs: innovation in product and business model, high scalability and business talent.
Meet the founders – from Berlin Web Week and Frogsters
German Startups Group will be headed by two entrepreneurs with a raft of experience in the business: Alexander Kölpin and Christoph Gerlinger. Kölpin is the co-founder of the Berlin Web Week events and was recently the divisional director of marketing agency Berlin Partner, where his responsibilities included startups in Berlin. Gerlinger is the founder and long time chief executive of Frogsters AG in Berlin.
Aside from receiving financing, startups will be able to gain from the experience and know-how of the German Startup Group. The incubator is emphasising the ‘friendly’ side of their business, offering ongoing support and advice for startups while giving them the freedom to develop independently and even throwing in office rooms if required.
Investors and startups alike – watch this space.
Image credit: Flickr user Images_of_Money


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