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No wasting time – HitFox Games Ventures funds AppLift and App Discovery Written by Michelle Kuepper on 14. August 2012

Just three weeks after Berlin-based HitFox Games Ventures launched, the VC has already provided seven-figure funding to get two startups of the ground: AppLift and HitFox App Discovery GmbH (App Discovery). The incubator is from the stable of Berlin and San-Fran based games distributer HitFox.
Both AppLift and App Finder are apps for mobile games, a market that is rapidly growing. AppLift and App Discovery were founded by former HitFox managers Kaya Taner and Xavier Rezgui, along with HitFox Game Ventures.
And what do they actually do? AppLift sees itself as the world’s first affiliate network for mobile games. To start with, AppLift will include mobile games from Gameloft, Gameforge, Kabam, TinyCo and 6Waves. Founder and director, Kaya Taner, is confident that the startup will be a success. With the help of 500 to1000 affiliates, the team at AppLift is aiming to distribute at least 100 mobile game publishers for new players on iOS, Android and other platforms by the end of the year.
While AppLift focuses on the publishing and networking side of the equation, App Discovery aims to enhance and simplify the user process of finding games. It works as a filter, sifting through the thousands of games on the Apple App store and picking out the best. The app launched with 500 games, put together by the Game Finder team.
What will become of the new startups remains to be seen, though with the guidance of HitFox Games Ventures – expect big things.

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