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Most Likely to Manage Our British Pounds in 2012: The UKTI Press Tour Awards Continue Written by Marguerite Imbert on 2. December 2011

“There are only two industries which have grossly neglected to implement technology into their services,” Nutmeg founder Nick Hungerford said to a room of press in London this Thursday. “One is the healthcare industry. The other is financial services.” Here to offer you a smart, secure and straightforward online investment manager is Nutmeg, launching in 1-2 months in London to those eager to extricate themselves from traditional banking in favor of a modern, collaborative approach. For the elegance and ease of the Nutmeg platform, we’re awarding this London-based start-up “Most Likely to Manage Our British Pounds in 2012.” Investors, keep an eye out for Nutmeg. See why we like it below.

How it Works

Based on the goals, contributions and risks you specifically indicate, the Nutmeg team creates an optimal, diversified mix of investments tailored to each customer. It monitors the market and automatically rebalances funds every month, promising to keep allocations and performance completely transparent. And you can do it completely from your phone. So, why can you trust them?

  • They are fully authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, the regulator of the financial services industry in the UK.
  • They partner with Penson Financial Services Ltd. to provide custody and execution services for clients.
  • They invest in leading funds from internationally recognised providers.
  • They secure your investment account with strict, industry standard, bank-level security.

And, you earn nutmegs. For every pound you invest, each friend you refer, filling in details on your profile, or investing with the platform for 6 months, you earn higher returns on your investments and lower fees on your account. If you invest an initial lump sum of £10,000 and add a monthly investment of £100 over 10 years, for instance, each difference in fees of 0.25% would mean an extra £4,500 in your pocket.

The Schmidt Approval

Hungerford first proposed to idea to Eric Schmidt at Stanford, where he received his MBA and served as VP of the university’s well-established Entrepreneur Club. Before founding Nutmeg, Hungerford worked for six years at Barclays in areas of product, banking and wealth management. “We’re going against the banking tradition that says ‘We’re smarter than you. Let us make decisions about your money’ and replacing it with client agency and collaboration,” Hungerford said, commanding the room with confidence and ease. “If you’ve recently changed jobs, gotten married, had a baby, inherited wealth, or purchased a home, your bank should know.”
Why we’re convinced? Hungerford, mainly. He’s the sort of guy you’d want managing your money. Plus, it’s a convincing model and an ambitious attempt to make banking more democratic.
To become a Founding Member today and be among the first to get access to an investment account when they launch, check out Nutmeg’s website for more information.