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Office Insider Hits Up SoundCloud Written by Marguerite Imbert on 14. December 2011

SoundCloud is where your little brother (and all of his friends) will want to work in a couple years. And we wouldn’t discourage him. Electric guitars, MIDI drum kits, and Rokit8 monitors lean against the walls. There are plenty of candy bowls. And you can play DJ Hero anytime you’re not helping Chennaite radio talk show hosts go viral. As the hunt to find Berlin’s coolest start-up office continues, we can’t get away without showing you SoundCloud. Quite aside from the team’s notable success, they have one of the coolest offices we’ve seen. Check out the pics and notes on the vibe below.

Where: Heart of Mitte. Rosenthaler Straße 13

Who: Fresh-faced surfer types with mutton chops hacking behind headphones in American Apparel hoodies. And then a few corporate types.

Mise en scène: Nice hardware, shiny floors, and huge industrial windows bring in lots of light.

The messiest thing in sight: Heaps of amp wires.

Who they share their space with: txtr

Why we like it: It’s the sort of company that’s gotten big but still has its cool.

You don’t need to: Tuck in your shirt

On the cutting board: ginger + half an orange

In the conference room: Huge orange bean bags and comfortable purple suede wrap couches.

Energy level: Efficient. Everyone is busy (and drinking Club Mate) but there’s little stress in the air.

Sounds from the roof: Kids playing. There’s a schoolyard just below.

What you’ll find on the floor: A huge hiking backpack next to a slot machine.

What you’ll find on one guys’s desk: An old public telephone on top of a Star Wars compendium.