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Office Insider visits Written by Marguerite Imbert on 9. January 2012

A halogen sign on a stout, frosty window leads you into the office in upper Neukölln, where dusty brick walls and bookshelves full of contemporary design books play the part for the endless stream of music. “We have DJs walking in and out of here all the time,” says Ari Stein from his dimly lit office where a Pump up the Volume cover hangs on the cork board. “It’s cool. But at the end of the day, we’re a bunch of guys trying to do our best.” The dishtowel hangs from a huge silver hoop in the kitchen. Coffee grains are scattered lovingly across the counters. Bikes fill the courtyard outside family-style, and odd rural art fills the space inside, giving an air of an off-season circus.

Location: Reuterstraße 53, Neukölln
Their magic trick: Turning your iPhone into a radio
Drink of choice: Beck’s
In the basement: A DJ booth and a shabby chic lounge room
On the walls: exposed brick, one-word affirmations in white block letters
On everyone’s lap: A silver iMac
On the windows: Nearly symmetrical off-white curtains
In the kitchen: a glass jar of steamed milk
On the trashcan: “Abfell für alle”
Holding up the tables: Club Mate crates
On the bookshelf: iOS recipes, Goerges Rousse, The Human Interface
Under the furnace: A dog-sized mattress
Sign up for the new beta test: Here
For more, check out our video of the office!