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Office Insider Visits the 6wunderkinder Written by Marguerite Imbert on 5. December 2011

6wunderkinder Office

The vibe at the 400 square ft. 6wunderkinder office is half upscale youth hostel, half Democrats Abroad meeting. You can use the Xbox free of charge and eat as many multigrain dinner rolls (in plastic bags in the kitchen) as your 20-something heart desires. Plugged into the third floor of an “IT campus” on a chilly stretch of Wöhlertstraße, the 6wunderkinderen are everything they’re cracked up to be: When I arrive, they’re voting on how best to reduce office stress. Browse through photographs and see my Q & A with the team’s Head of Communications Jessica Erickson.

Q & A with Jessica Erickson, 6wunderkinder’s charismatic Head of Communications

Where: Wöhlertstraße 12-13, third floor
In the Building: Other Berlin-based tech companies and start-ups (buddy beers, for instance). In the basement, there’s an awesome cafeteria with fresh, gourmet food. “And it’s cheap, too,” Jess tells me, “You can get an entire duck for less than 5 euros or something.”
Vaguely Reminds Me Of: Public school, especially the water fountains, painted furnaces, and glossy brick walls on the walk up.
Modus Operandi: Collaboration, discussion, and making it work. “Wait, wait,” one tattooed arm flings up in the air to interject on a Secret Santa ruling, “[Someone] isn’t here. We can’t vote on it yet.” They all agreed and moved on, agreeably. It’s amazing. At 6wunderkinder, they don’t make any decisions without everyone present. It’s the family you’ve always wanted.
Office Sport: Ping pong (They have a table, and it’s in good shape).
The Chairs: Are all different. “A bunch of the programmers were complaining their backs hurt, so we’re getting new chairs,” Jess explains, “We’re each rotating through about five of them and then choosing our favorite.” And they use bean bags.
In the Fridge: Everything is labeled with pink sticky tabs. “Open stuff,” “closed stuff,” “private stuff…”
In the Cabinets: 6wunderkinder tee shirts and slippers
On the Bookshelf: Bei Anruf Erfolg, extra ping pong balls, mags with the International PHP Conference on the cover, books on Photoshop
Signs on the Walls: “Designer Crunch Time, Do Not Disturb” & “Please always put your dishes in the dish washer! thx”
What they’re anticipating: Wunderkit’s beta launch
What they’re implementing: A weekly yoga group