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Oktoberfest iPhone app – perfect companion to a beer-soaked wonderland? Written by Linsey Fryatt on 1. October 2012

Which beer tents are still open? What’s Obatzda? How drunk will I be after two “Maß”? All these questions and more can now be answered by new smartphone companion to Germany’s annual Bavarian bacchanalia. Yes, Oktoberfest has its own iPhone app…

oktoberfest iphone
Oktoberfest can be a strange and frightening place for the uninitiated. The oom-pah music, the beer tents the size of football pitches, the drinking at 7am. Luckily the new iPhone app has arrived to help you make sense of this beer-soaked wonderland.
There’s a map of the Octoberfest beer tents so that you can more adequately stumble from place to place, plus detailed information as to the philosophy and offerings at each particular tent (clue: most offer beer) as well as up-to-date info on whether there are any free spaces.

oktoberfest screenshot

Oktoberfest is a famously busy event, so there is also a “barometer” to show you at a glance how many visitors are expected on a certain day.
There’s even a drunkeness check. If you can manage to mash your digits on your screen, you’ll be able to see how many units you’ve already put away, as well as how drunk this will make you, depending on your size and weight. Although wearing lederhosen and singing on top of a table may also be an adequate indication of sobriety levels. You can share this info on Facebook in case your friends want to stage an intervention.
Perhaps, most alarmingly, there is a live webcam feature, so you can take in every foamy moment, even from the comfort of your hospital bed…
Oktoberfest runs from 22 Sept to 7 October in Munich.

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