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Is Pinterest's integration with SoundCloud brilliant, or a big noisy mess? Written by Marguerite Imbert on 21. June 2012

“My mission to inject ‘cool’ into the mass of workout and food porn they call Pinterest just got easier,” one person commented on Adi Robertson‘s Soundcloud-Pinterest story in The Verge a few minutes ago. “Sweet.”
The remark comes on the heels of the (previously visual) social network’s announcement that it has integrated with the Berlin-based music-sharing platform SoundCloud. Now Pinterest users can pin sounds in addition to photos, sketches, and websites. Tracks tag along with their artwork, for better or worse.

Pinterest to become our essential canvas for sight and sound?

Accompanying the news is Pinterest’s automatic attribution for several other platforms, as well, following deep integration with Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo last month. Now your Pinterest board will accept everything from 500px photos, to videos from Kickstarter, presentations from SlideShare, listings from Etsy and content from Kickstarter and SlideShare (also playable among the SoundCloud songs you’ll find.)

Or is the platform set to become a big, noisy mess?

To pin a sound users can either use Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet, or copy the URL of the sound they want to share onto the site. For those users already using Next SoundCloud private beta, they can pin a sound directly from its share button on SoundCloud. Will it swallow up the Chill.coms (Pinterest for videos)?
What do you think? Have you used the service yet? Have your say below…


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