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Polaboy perfect for showing off EyeEm shots Written by Linsey Fryatt on 10. January 2012


Polaboy Could this Polaboy Polaroid-shaped backlit frame be the perfect way to present your favourite EyeEm shot of the year? The ultra-flat Polaboy Frame looks like an instant photo, but not only is it 10 times the size of a Polaroid, it’s also beautifully backlit to free your retro-style shots from the confines of your smartphone. The team of Berlin-based Creative Director Oliver Seltmann and Hamburg-based product designer Jirko Bannas have developed this hipster home accessory using energy-saving LED lights. The product is completely made in Germany and you can choose from a pre-selected gallery of suitable arty prints or even supply your own via ftp server. French high-end retailer Colette is also offering Special Edition prints from cult artists such as Terry Richardson and Lisa Eisner. Florian Meissner, co-founder of EyeEm said: “I love it! We have some good experiences with blowing up mobile phone photos too, and there is a lot possible in post production in these days. Polaroid is a timeless format and it’s great to see an additional source that helps capturing an important part of photo history.” Here’s some Berlin Street Art that might make it to the Venture Village Polaboys… Polaboy