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Project A invests in Amerano fashion website for men Written by Linsey Fryatt on 31. January 2012


Project A Ventures, formerly know as The Oryx Project, continues to gain momentum, having added another online shopping club to its arsenal. Insider sources also confirm that the team is preparing to welcome other Rocket members to the Oryx team.shirt
“This year is going to be exciting for us,” said Onyx founder Uwe Horstmann in an interview with VentureVillage. “It’s the first time this particular group of top talent is building a portfolio together.”
According to Deutsche Startups, the incubator, comprised of ex-Rocket staff and headed by Uwe Horstmann, Christian Weiss und Thies Sander has just invested in Amerano – an online shopping website for men.
“The three of us bring the full package of experience and energy to the table,” said Horstmann. “I’m excited to see what will come of this.”

Personal service versus curated shopping club

Project A has already invested in Wine in Black and now the start-up incubator has taken 30 per cent shares in Willem Beyer and Sebastian Bourmer’s up-market men’s apparel project.
Described as a “fashion label for men”, the site offers a different approach to the curated shopping club approach, instead personal style advisers (working on commission) visit the customer’s home, take their measurements and advise on the correct fabrics for a range of shirts.
The clothes are then tailor-made and manufactured in Europe, but there are apparently plans to expand this range soon to other clothes and perhaps ready-to-wear items.
20 Rocket Internet Members to Start a new incubator