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Project OONA – letting women take control of their handbag's destiny Written by Charmaine Li on 20. November 2012

Maru Winnacker

Design your own handbag site Project OONA, has today launched its service, allowing women (and soon men) to create custom carryalls from a select range of styles, materials, metals and textures.

Maru Winnacker

The Berlin-born business, headed by CEO and founder Maru Winnacker (with co-CEO Silke Kuisle to join early next year), have been made available in Germany and Austria for now, with an English-speaking version on its way.

On site, there’s a live customisation control panel of the selected bag, from clutches to business bags in genuine leather with prices ranging between €130 and €515.

“Customisation in fashion is the big thing”

“I wanted to change my life to do this,” Winnacker told VentureVillage, “the idea came up just over a year ago from dinner with friends. We all agreed that customisation in fashion is the big thing. And there was something missing for handbags,” she added.

Since attracting four angel investors (names yet to be disclosed), and a fashion-minded female workforce, Winnacker sourced handmade-specialised production lines from Hong Kong to India to start with a small collection aimed at women in their mid-20s and over.

“We introduced classic colours with our launch. It would have been easy to get carried away with selections, but we want to keep it simple and easy to navigate,” said Winnacker. Like fashion labels, Project OONA will introduce new styles and colours with each season, “but it’ll be easy for us to react to market demands.”

OONA website

Having bags personally catered to individual tastes will mean customers will have to wait 4-6 weeks before it’s delivered (at least, for now).

There are only a select few sites focused on the customisation of bags for the US market, such as Laudi Vidni and Lil Studio. Project OONA is arguably the first of its kind in Europe.

A men’s and children’s range is on its way, with talks of “design your own clothes” taking shape. Project OONA will also expand across parts of Europe with plans to ship overseas by the end of next year.

Design your own bag
OONA office

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