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Readmill moves out of Amen's office. Kitchensurfing moves in. Written by Marguerite Imbert on 5. July 2012

This week, the Readmill team picked up their belongings and moved out of their office on Schiffbauerdamm where they’d shared the space with kindred Berlin startup Amen for the past year. Their new offices on the top floor of the Kulturbrauerei, a historic ex-brewery on Schönhauser Allee, come complete with lifesized posters of the Amen team members as a housewarming gift (only one of them texting.) Replacing the bookworms are the Kitchensurfing team, at least for the next two months.
Amen CEO Felix Petersen tells us: “We miss the little Swedish bouncy balls so much that we are all in therapy now.”
Everyone’s talking about startup synergy – are Readmill deliberately moving away from this culture? Readmill community manager Matthew Bostock told us today: Everyone’s talking about The Factory right now – but we needed an office now and The Factory wasn’t ready yet. Plus, our team’s looking to create a ‘Readmill culture’, a place that’s entirely our own. We’ve already starting building up the new space. Where we are right now is perfect for all the new people we’re looking to hire.”

Will the cutouts be as good as sharing with the real Amen team?

“We shared a lot of experiences and knowledge with Amen”, says Bostock. But it’s nice to have somewhere to call your own – especially since they’ve had no less than nine offices so far.
“We had so much fun with the Amen team. The worst was watching their lunches get served up by Michael, their Swiss army knife of an assistant. Seriously, that guy has got some major kitchen skillage. We envied their food every day.”
And what’s a Berlin startup’s furnishing of choice? Ikea. “Our co-founder Dave is heading up the trips and then he brings everything back and we all help bring the stuff in,” Bostock tells us. “He pays the driver and sort of gets out of unloading that way.”

width="582"The new Readmill office on Schönhauser Allee


width="750"Moving out of the old office, shared with Amen. A year equals a lot of boxes.

And what about the moving-in party?

Readmill will be hosting a moving-in shindig in association with the Friday At Six radio show on 27 July. Entry to the show is free, and you can grab some tickets here. The party will include guests from Wellington VC, Gabi and Tape TV. The Readmill blog says: “If you just want to pop by to sip a beer and say hello, any time after nine works for us. The party’s open to anyone!”


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