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ResearchGate: Bill Gates' big hope in Berlin Written by Christine G. Coester on 1. March 2017

ResearchGate is a dream come true for the scientific community. It is a platform where researchers around the world can network, discuss their projects and collaborate on science. The startup, which recently announced a $52.6 million Series D funding round, has even caught the attention of Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher and PayPal’s Lukas Nosek.

Nine years after founding, ResearchGate has 12 million members across various research fields and hosts more than 100 million research publications from 193 different countries.

The 36-year-old CEO of ResearchGate, Ijad Madisch “earned his doctorate in virology while studying computer science on the side.” The idea for ResearchGate grew out of his own frustrations as a lab researcher, he told the Heureka in 2013.
Headquartered in Berlin Mitte, ResearchGate has over 260 employees, 65 per cent of which are international.

Not familiar with the startup? This timeline will help clear things up.