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How Rheingau Founders went from a failed startup to a portfolio of 20 Written by Christine G. Coester on 10. February 2017

Startup Notes newest podcast interviews Philipp Hartmann, one of the partners of Rheingau Founders, a Berlin-based venture capital firm. The interview is quite personal as Hartmann shares how the founding partners lived in their office after sportme, their first startup, failed.
Hartmann also speaks about investment criteria, why he does not recommend “passion” startups and his involvement in politics.

“Inefficient markets – these are the opportunities I’d be searching for. During the research this will sometimes mean [looking] into extremely unattractive markets that nobody looks for. That’s what we’re doing at Rheingau Founders.”
More in this podcast:

  • The most common mistakes Hartmann sees first-time founders making
  • Hartmann’s advice on how to screen and measure the attractiveness of a market
  • Why offline markets are attractive
  • Why it is important to sometimes take five steps back and not be too analytical when running a startup
Photo via Startup Notes