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The first Rocket Internet clone: Munich SEO Agency Rockit copycats a giant Written by Charmaine Li on 2. August 2012

Rocket Internet has a long tradition of internet venture-building, with many detractors commenting of its cloning tactics. But now a Munich-based SEO Agency has copied the King of the Clones. OnMarketing has taken “inspiration” from the internet giant and is rebranding as Rockit Internet, showcasing a new website that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Rocket Internet site…


The copycat gets copied

The Berlin incubator made a name for itself through a string of copycat ventures and decisive business moves, and relaunched its own website at the end of July. Taking its cue from Rocket’s re-launch, OnMarketing emerged with new branding shortly after, proudly naming themselves Rockit Internet.
“At some stage, the decision just jumped at us from the digital sector: OnMarketing was good, Rockit Internet is better. In particular, since we did everything from the OnMarketing strategy to conception, the design, the hosting, the affiliate marketing, the search engine marketing, the social media, the email marketing, the banner advertisements, the print mailings, the online PR, the branding, the online campaigning etc. in a way that was (mostly) good. Now we want to completely dedicate ourselves to online marketing so that our customers and our profits will both rock: SEO!”, it says in the background of the agency’s website.
But it isn’t only the name that is an obvious copy – one comparitive glance at the two websites and the similarities between Rockit and Rocket become immediately apparent. Looks like the Munich founders decided to stay on the tried-and-tested path rather than risky innovation this time…
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