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Rocket Internet invests in 21Diamonds Written by Linsey Fryatt on 27. January 2012


21Diamonds (formerly Les Facettes) has become the latest internet shopping portal to attract the attention of Rocket Internet. Not content with launching clone Bamarang, the Samwer brothers now have their sights set on the glittering jewellery market.
The online store launched last year in Munich under Josef Biller and Moritz Werner, supported by Holtzbrinck Ventures and Digital RI, has now offered up an estimated 25% to Rocket Internet for a supposed seven-figure sum according to Deutsche Startups website. The site has also changed its name from Les Facettes to 21Diamonds to facilitate a European rollout in France, The Netherlands and the UK.
The company has retained the old url and still trades as a jewellery outlet in Germany in tandem with the newly named venture.
21Diamonds lets users custom-create jewellery from a selection of precious metals, styles and stones – and prices start from around €99.
Rocket Internet yesterday broke out Bamarang – an online shopping club aimed at trend-hunting users that bears a stark resemblance to