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Rocket Internet rolls out eBay copycats in Nigeria, Pakistan Written by Nina Fowler on 16. January 2013

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria

Rocket Internet is returning to its roots with Kaymu and Azmalo, two eBay-like portals officially launched in Nigeria and Pakistan last week.

The two sites are similar in design to eBay and almost identical to each other. Sellers can list items and choose to do so via auction or fixed price listing; users can browse for electronics, gadgets, books, furniture, cars or fashion products.

Both sites were live – soft-launched – before last week, probably from December. Azmalo also went live in a different form mid-last year before apparently being “axed” in August, then relaunching in the new style now shared by Kaymu.

Kaymu and Azmalo – back to the eBay model

Rocket Internet, founded by Germany’s Samwer brothers in 2007 and headquartered in Berlin, spans over 50 portfolio companies in over 40 countries.

It’s interesting to see Rocket Internet rolling out new dedicated peer-to-peer online marketplaces. That model is not new to the Samwers, who founded German eBay clone Alando in 1999 before selling it to eBay for US$50million later that year.

Rocket Internet, though, is now better known for adapting the models of other eCommerce pioneers – notably Zappos (which inspired Rocket Internet’s Zalando, Dafiti and Lamoda) and Amazon (which inspired Lazada in South East Asia and Jumia in the MENA region).

The advantage of the eBay model is that users take care of the logistics and shipping costs. It also rounds out Rocket Internet’s other offerings in Pakistan and Nigeria, which include, an online fashion retailer, and

Rocket Internet is also opening up Lazada to third-party sellers – though, in keeping with the Amazon model, this is more aimed at professional retailers.

Featured image credit: Abuja, Nigeria, by Flickr user Brin Pinzgauer


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