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A week in the village – A roundup of our hottest headlines (13 Feb – 18 Feb) Written by Charmaine Li on 17. February 2012


It’s been a peculiar week of romance, rallies, and rousing projects on the Berlin startup scene: From Europe-wide ACTA protests to polling for the city’s most charming CEO.
We’ve neatly packaged up a brief of our biggest stories so that you can gaze back at the ‘week that was’. Enjoy!
ACTAEurope protests against threat to internet freedom 10,000 Berliners and around 18,000 from Munich battled icy cold conditions to line their local streets and join an estimated 200,000 European protesters in opposition to the controversial Anit-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA.
Ten most Charming CEOs revealed
We pulled together a voting list of Berlin’s most charming CEO’s. From Soundcloud’s Alex Ljung (the most likely to sing in your shower) to Dawanda’s Claudia Helming (the most likely to knit you an iPhone cover), polling for your favourite stirred up some fiery competition in the German capital. While we were in the spirit of Valentines Day, we got the story for a now married German couple who met as avatars Devil-inside and oo-rilana – on the socially-focused Second Life-like version Smeet.
Wunderkit… for free!
Yes, it’s everyone’s favourite kind of price tag. The much-anticipated launch of the online social-organiser from the kids at 6Wunderkinder, released their pricing plans with the juicy crux of the product – for free.
One-on-one with Project A’s Yummy new platform
We spoke to Project-A’s founder Christian Weiss about its upcoming food delivery service Yummy. And another startup is on its way, this time from Team Europe. The company builder has hidden behind the name of Surprise Internet, for its hush-hush project Wummelkiste – aimed at catering to the children’s market.
Swedish investment giant Kinnevik, released its 2011 end -of-year report, revealing a heavy investment in Rocket Internet on the back of operating losses from the incubator’s clothing and shoe retailer Zalando.
And the most charming CEO is… Zoe Adamovicz from Xyologic. Neck to neck in the polling rally’s final legs, Zoe managed to nudge ahead of Readmill’s Henrik Berggren to come out on top for the crown of most charming.Well done to all!