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Seedcamp Week Berlin kicks off – meet the 19 international teams Written by Charmaine Li on 20. November 2013


Nineteen startups, hailing from across the world, are gathering this week for Seedcamp Week in Berlin. Seedcamp, a pan-European seed investor, will host a mentoring day today as well as an investor day tomorrow for the mix of businesses, which range from a real-time storytelling app to a “Dropbox for email”. Winners – who will be announced tomorrow – receive access to Seedcamp’s network, office space as well as funding, which varies depending on the company.

There’s no shortage of accelerator programmes in Berlin, so how is Seedcamp different from the rest? Reshma Sohoni, partner at Seedcamp, said earlier this year that unlike local accelerators, they provide teams with a global network across Europe and the US that is “completely tied together”.

A rundown of the startups

  • Buzztale (Riga, Latvia) – helps businesses and media leverage the buzz of live events by allowing users to create visual stories in real-time via its app
  • Cashtag (Lisbon, Portugal) – a cloud-based mobile payment network, currently for Portuguese bank accounts
  • Coinative (Lincoln, UK) – a startup building digital currency services
  • ContaKeeper (Vienna, Austria) – an accounting service with a social touch, designed for small entrepreneurs by small entrepreneurs
  • Copilot (Madrid, Spain) – wants to help you manage your inbox and help you focus on what counts
  • Makerble (London, UK) – a platform to help you choose monthly projects on causes you care about and that report their progress
  • MediCard (Moscow, Russia) – a service to help find patients for clinical trials
  • Memeoirs (Trento, Italy) – wants to turn your online conversations into a real book
  • myTips (Kiev, Ukraine) – a service to help build interactive on-screen tutorials without coding
  • Pangea (San Francisco, USA) – developing a technology that powers websites and apps without data or WiFi
  • Paymey (Berlin, Germany) – tackles payment for your smartphones, which allows users to pay online/offline
  • Popcorn Metrics (Lisbon, Portugal) – simplifies web analytics for business people without coding
  • ProConfirm (London, UK) – provides a simple online bank confirmation system for UK auditors
  • Satago, (London, UK) – a tool to help freelancers and SMEs get paid on time
  • (Lausanne, Switzerland) – a service for organising photos and telling stories with a tiny fraction of time
  • SquadMail (Berlin, Germany) – a “Dropbox for email”, offers shared email folders that lets teams collaborate over email
  • (Berlin, Germany) – a people-powered translation service for the web
  • UnPay (Berlin, Germany) – rewards your online activities with free and legal access to paid digital content (including movies, music, apps, etc)
  • Zercatto (Porto, Portugal) – allows investors to follow the best in the financial markets and help improve their performance

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Image credit: featured image – Flickr user Seedcamp photos

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