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Sensorberg scores €750,000 from Berlin Technologie Holding Written by Michelle Kuepper on 23. January 2014


Sensorberg, a startup in the Berlin programme of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, today announced a €750,000 funding round led by Berlin Technologie Holding. The startup is building a management platform to work with Apple’s iBeacon technology.

Founded in 2013, Sensorberg uses the cloud to allow apps to interact with iBeacons – which are a location based service for iOS that work on Bluetooth Low Energy. As Apple’s developer site explains, iBeacons are “a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence”. Using the iBeacon technology, Sensorberg hopes to enable interactive dialogue between companies and consumers.

The startup will use its fresh capital to further develop its platform and to build an extensive iBeacon network. It’s also on the lookout for new staff to make up its software development, marketing, sales and retail teams.

Startups interested in purchasing the Sensorberg package can get a starter kit for €89, with the pricing going up to €299 for the “ultimate developer kit”.

The Berlin Technolgie Holding, which launched in 2013, makes Series A investments in mobile and technology startups.

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