From a first-year startup to a company – How to redefine the brand, the organization, the vision and mission after the first years of growth

How to Grow Track

11:25 - 12:10


“Companies go through a strong formation and change phase during their first years of growth. This includes more employees, more products, and continuous change with regards to brand awareness, the overall vision and the mission of the company. Suddenly, certain outcomes are different from the goals that were defined during the foundation of the company. It is important that after some years you sit down, compare and define the development of the status quo to finally redefine the goals for the future on the basis of a more mature organization.

For Kale&Me, we started this process half a year ago (4 years after founding the company) and it was mainly directed towards the definition of what our brand is, what products we sell and how we organize our company internally. I will comment on our experiences and give some advice on how this process can be started.”