Fuck up-Management – How communications helps you in success-critical situations

Workshop Room 2

14:45 - 15:15


Fuckups are said to be sexy. But that is true only if you manage them effectively, protecting your company’ reputation and building trust.
Communications plays a pivotal role in this context, and in this workshop, we want to shed light on how exactly this can be done. We will discuss typical fuckup situations, what stakeholder groups to look out for, and develop hands-on measures that help you be prepared – for success-critical situations, to foresee issues, prevent crises and navigate through them confidently if they arise.

Learning targets of the workshop
– Overview of the variety of success-critical situations
– Know your stakeholders’ perspective – the may not forgive you
– Hands-on measures for effective crisis prevention and management
– Dos and don’ts in communicating with (potential) investors