Getting started with Google Marketing Solutions featuring Flaschenpost

Workshop Area

13:45 - 14:30

Workshop 2

Do you want to know how Google can help your startup grow and which tools are most suitable for your individual stage? Join our Masterclass and get insights to the following topics:

– Learn how Google supports you getting started with online marketing and how you can accelerate your business through (free) tools that help you understand trends and consumer behaviour.

– On top of that, we give more advanced insights into online marketing for all ventures that are interested in scaling their performance. Also, if you want to get a deepdive into online trends for 2018 such as mobile, video and automation, join us for this session.

– – Additionally, we are happy to have ‘Flaschenpost’ on stage with us. The venture just raised another round of €20M in funding and will share their story. They will showcase online marketing best practices and explain which tools they used to boost their growth.