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Rocket Internet Starts New Venture Shopwings Written by Lydia Skrabania on 26. September 2014


Rocket Internet wants to launch its new venture Shopwings this year: The Berliner incubator revealed through its stock exchange prospectus that the platform for food shopping is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2014. The concept behind the new startup is the same day delivery of food by a private person to the customer.

According to the stock exchange prospectus, Shopwings is run by Luxembourg holding Digital Sevices Holding XXI S.à r.l. The holding registered the domain name, and Christoph Harsch is named as registrant.

Harsch is also part of the management team of SOG Shopping Operations Germany GmbH, a company that is apparently responsible for the German branch of Shopwings. The relationship to the Samwer incubator is only evident after a closer look: The company was searching for employees for its location in Munich through an advertisement and the person of contact in the advertisement is an employee at Rocket Internet.

The second memeber of the management team of SOG is Florian Jaeger, who together with Harsh and the support of the LMU founded the online wine marketplace in 2011. Arnt Jeschke, top manager at Rocket, is also on the management of SOG.


Shopwings is already looking for food shoppers through advertisements: As Deutsche Startups discovered, the website – a domain also belonging to SOG – is looking for “Shoppers” that can work flexible hours in their vicinity to make deliveries.

With this new venture, Rocket is expanding its offering of agency services: Up until now, the company builder from the Samwer brothers offers ways to book cleaning help, restaurant deliveries, credit, bus transport and taxis. The last companies founded by Rocket were the gourmet delivery service EatFirst and the online credit platform Spotcap.
Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Wiennat Mongkulmann
Translated by Elena Rueckert