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ShowSpace – A Berlin-based Shopify for affiliates Written by Charmaine Li on 18. January 2012


Berlin startup ShowSpace has launched, providing a platform for passionate bloggers to display product recommendations alongside editorial rants.
Showspace founder and web developer Manuel Meurer developed the platform idea in early 2011, out of a frustration for WordPress limitations in running product-centred websites.
“Although WordPress is quite simple to set up, it still forces these non-technical guys to fumble around with web hosts, servers, IPs and domains; that it’s basically impossible to upgrade WordPress once you have installed a couple of plugins,” says Meurer.
“I basically wanted to build a Shopify for affiliates, a one-stop shop for everyone who wants to display affiliate products on the web.”
Bloggers can simply register, enter their products, customise their design, and promote it via their blog using an upcoming feature called “widgets”.
Developments are underway to create an affiliate system on ShowSpace, where people can earn money by referring customers to the site. “Another big thing will be widgets that let you display ShowSpace products on your own website,” says Meurer.
Watch the video demonstration below to see how ShowSpace works.