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Big boost for games developer Silver Style Studios Written by Magdalena Räth on 22. November 2011

Silver Style Studios financing IBB ProFIT Herokon online games developer

Berlin-based online games creator Silver Style Studios, has received a high six-digit financial boost from Investitionsbank Berlin‘s ProFIT program. Founded in 2010, the company plans to inject the money into new browser games like Herokon (which is currently in closed beta mode), and advance the development of its LightStream games engine.

Silver Style Studios financing IBB ProFIT Herokon online games developer

Investment will accelerate further development of Silver Style’s LightStream technology

Silver Style Studios is well-known for developing and publishing computer and video games, as well as edu-tainment and info-tainment products worldwide. The company quickly caught onto the browser games trend last year, and have since focused on a number of developments. Its projects include; in-house browser games, and the launch of game-creation technology: LightStream. The new engine is based on Flash 11, and is used for in-house and external productions. The application of LightStream for PC games in the past has equipped Silver Style with a successful model to further create browser games.

According to Ronny Knauth, managing director of Silver Style Studios, the funding provided by ProFIT will allow the company “to continue work on the LightStream technology fast, thus strengthening the Berlin games sector.” Matthias Treptow, Senior Corporate Finance Advisor and partner at consulting firm Eventurecat, says: “The LightStream technology will make Silver Style innovation leaders in the highly competitive market for browser games.” Treptow had supported Silver Style in the application of funds. He adds: “The teaser for the Herokon Online game is promising. The unique LightStream technology will massively contribute to improving the graphical design quality in online games.”