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Social enterprise Doonited makes good with official launch Written by Charmaine Li on 22. May 2012

free hugs

free hugs
Social enterprise Doonited officially launched today after fine-tuning its “good deed a day” website for the past eight months.
Founder Oliver Stark, based in Berlin, released Doonited’s Beta version in November last year with a mission to create a global social movement by people “doing good” through small deeds, from writing a heartfelt letter to your Grandma to hugging a stranger.
So far, the free website has attracted more than 4000 registered users, about 6500 Facebook fans and has had more than 45,000 good deeds posted.“We want to become the global brand for good deeds,” says Stark.
The platform provides a selection of daily deeds and allows users to create and promote their own, such as “make a coffee or tea for someone who is busier than you”.
Doonited also adopts simple, colourful gaming tactics where points are accumulated with every accomplished mission. “Do-gooders” can also connect with one-another by sharing stories and pictures with each deed done.
Plans to upgrade the English and German version to a Mobile app is underway.
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