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SoundCloud hits 10 million users, releases Story Wheel Written by Linsey Fryatt on 23. January 2012


SoundCloud has today announced that it has 10 million registered users. In a post over on the SoundCloud blog, the sound-sharing site extended a thanks to its rapidly growing community.
“It is proof that we’re not alone on our mission to unmute the web and it gives us goosebumps to know that more than ten million people from around the world have been finding value in SoundCloud in many different ways.”
Since its launch in 2008 SoundCloud has enjoyed a massive growth in popularity. Along with today’s news, the company also revealed that over five million SoundCloud app have been downloaded, with another 10,000 in development on the service’s open platform.
Initially launched to let musicians share recordings, SoundCloud has evolved into a full publishing tool that sees users such as artists, podcasters, political dissidents and many more.
The service announced 1 million subscribers in 2010, and five million by June 2011, as well as an investment from business angel and occasional actor Ashton Kutcher.
Founders Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss also debuted a new feature today called ‘Story Wheel’ that allows users to attach images to their narratives or pieces, like a slideshow. The pair used the new function to discuss SoundCloud’s journey so far. Congratulations guys…
Watch our video of our visit to the SoundCloud offices here…