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Spätschicht: VentureVillage and Gründerszene Team Up to Host a Night of Networking Written by Marguerite Imbert on 25. November 2011

Spätschicht last night was an absolute hit! Gold coins and cocktails flowed freely while start-up insiders and aspirants from around the world mingled amongst each other in the lively pillow-padded quarters of the Kunztschule. In earshot was the full gamut of venturesome conversation, from future investment proposals to life philosophies and scandalous editorial embargoes.

Old faces met new ones for a late-night villager’s bonanza. Cozied up in the back corner were round tables with prompt cards where newcomers could “pitch” ideas and discuss prospective business plans. A wall projection showed us the latest guests to check-in, while current tweets appeared simultaneously by the second. We were thrilled to welcome everyone in attendance, and thanks to a photo booth by the door, send you home with a visual record of the night! Stay posted for future events to come.

Cheers, and see you about town this weekend!

Yours truly,