Horst Bente

Horst Bente
  • leAD Sports Accelerator, Director
  • www.leadsportsaccelerator.com

About Horst

Horst Bente has been a private investor in a variety of fields in Europe, the US and the Bahamas, since the sale of Adidas, his grandfather's company. As the third generation of the Adi Dassler family, Horst has embarked on the journey of preserving his grandfather's legacy through several initiatives, including the leAD (legacy of Adi Dassler) Sports Accelerator, which identifies and funds the next generation of great ideas in the world of sports and other sport related fields. He also supports philanthropic projects, which combine athletics with academics in underprivileged regions of the world.

Favourite book?
I don't have one favorite book, I have many.

The Person that inspired you the most?
My grandfather, Adi Dassler