Lisa Jaspers

Lisa Jaspers
  • Founder & CEO

About Lisa

Lisa Jaspers founded the fair fashion brand FOLKDAYS around 5 years ago. FOLKDAYS works with crafts people from around the world and in the last five years generated an income for hundreds of people, many of them in the most remote areas of this world.Since starting her business 5 years ago Lisa has managed to make FOLKDAYS one of the most well known fair fashion brands in the german market. Lisa holds a degree in developed studies from the London School of Economics and has worked for Oxfam as well as for an international consultancy. After a successful crowdfunding campaign she is currently working with her co-author Naomi Ryland on a book about new work approaches called „Starting a revolution – What we can learn from female entrepreneurs about the future of business.“


FOLKDAYS is a fair fashion brand that specifically targets a younger and more design oriented target group with fashion and interior products that they co-develop with their artisans from 25 different countries