Mark Hoffmann

Mark Hoffmann
  • Vertical Media GmbH, CEO

About Mark

Mark Hoffmann joined Vertical Media as CEO in 2010. Before taking on this role, he was Editor-in-Chief at the games news service GameBizz and was involved in other online and media startups, where he worked as TV Presenter and Managing Editor. Vertical Media GmbH is the digital publishing house behind online magazine Gründerszene (appr. 1.2 million readers per month as of January 2017) and its associated job board and networking events. Further portfolio news brands include NGIN Food, NGIN Mobility, as well as English-speaking magazine TheHeureka.

Favourite book?
Führen, Leisten, Leben - Fredmund Malik

The Person that inspired you the most?
Nobody specifically, but a mix of different people (not the answer you want, got it...).