Peter Lundgreen

Peter Lundgreen
  • Founding CEO
  • Lundgreen's Capital

About Peter

Peter Lundgreen is the Founding CEO of Lundgreen’s Capital, the leading independent advisor to Danish municipalities. He is armed with over 30 years of experience in the finance and banking industry, and has held various executive positions in top banks in Germany and Denmark. Although based in Denmark, Peter’s expertise transcends the European financial markets, as he was able to successfully create a high level of proficiency and competency over major global economies, particularly in China. He appears over 300 times in various international medias each year, where he shares his insight on the global financial markets.

About Lundgreen’s Capital

Lundgreen's Capital is the leading independent investment advisor to Danish municipalities. It is licensed by the Danish FSA and continues to successfully expand its business year-on-year. It publishes its own in-house articles covering global financial topics, written by its own Founding CEO, Peter Lundgreen. These articles are also currently published and broadcasted by various medias in Europe, USA, and Asia.