Sven Wedig

Sven Wedig
  • Vollpension Medien, CEO

About Sven

Strategist, provider of ideas and frequent flier: Sven Wedig is always on site with his clients and is always at the side of his artists, hosts and athletes. His thing: marketing. Due to his rhetorical talent he nearly ended up in politics, where he started his professional career as an assistant to the White House correspondent in Washington, DC. But he moved on and now stays busy discussing foreign policy and economic topics on and off camera. He is a regularly booked speaker at conferences and conventions, covering diverse media themes. He crafted his expertise doing daily business within his company Vollpension Medien GmbH, but also during past work experiences working for big brands such as Deutsche Telekom and the Autobahn Tank & Rast GmbH.

Favourite book?
Herr Lehmann - Sven Regener

The Person that inspired you the most?
Simon Sine

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