Zackes Brustik

Zackes Brustik
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About Zackes

Zackes Brustik - the Startup MC.
Zackes is a MC/ moderator focused on events by, for and with the startup community. Being based in Berlin, one of the most brizzling startup hubs in Europe, he is well connected within the community and knows his way through the relevant topics of the digital economy. May it be technical or cultural - he knows what’s relevant and how to ask the right questions on stage. He feels at home on the big stage just as much as when hosting a pitch-battle or a hackathon and has organised several meetups or bar camps himself. He’s not shy of engaging the audience or going into depth when interviewing speakers on stage. He also lends his understanding of the community and his knowledge around agile working methods to corporates and consults them on creating formats that foster intrapreneurship or attract entrepreneurial talents to choose the corporate path.