About BerlinGreen

We offer products that introduce smart indoor gardening to our everyday life. Our technology enables growing organic food locally and with zero effort. Additionally, we want to enable the user a nature-related experience at home or work.
The smart system that combines sensors, app, hydroponics and LEDs makes growing greens easy and fun. Our solution concentrates on delivering affordable and easy-to-install systems for everyone, which we hope, could create trend that will
change environment we all live and work in.

About the Product

GreenBox – our first product – is a small and compact intelligent garden, that can grow 10 plants at the same time, providing them nutrients and appropriate light and water conditions. The product is connected to an app, which tells about necessity of watering (needed approximately every two weeks only), has informative value, and is guiding through the growing process. All the user must do, is plug the plant pods, fill the water tank and plug the GreenBox to the power cord. Already after 3 weeks, the first harvest of salad is possible.
All our products are not just growing units, but – due to good design and high-quality materials used – they serve as an eye-catching interior design element as well.

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