MindLab Malmö

MindLab Malmö

About MindLab Malmö

MindLab Malmö belongs to the freshly founded Economic Association for Brain-Computer-Interfaces in Sweden. Our MindLAB Space is a community to for everyone who has an interest in Brain-Computer-Interfaces. Together we arrange workshops, talks and hackathons to further explore what is possible between computer and mind. To ensure that you can try the technology and explore your freedom of mind we also provide free access to BCI-Hardware. We would now like to find enthusiasts in Berlin to bring the concept to the city!

About the Product

Malmö Mindlab has developed different prototypes using hardware from OpenBCI. We use the eeg data from the devices to create software solutions. In the past we have created a game, that uses your brain signals as input controls. In another solution you can grow a digital plant using your brain signals. Who knows, what some people in our community might have created by the time of the event! Maybe you have more ideas?

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