About moheato

People ask us: “Why household electronics? Why not e-scooters like everyone else?” Because trends pass but human needs don’t. While our planet’s population skyrockets by 33% in the next 30 years, our goal is to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle and environment by creating incredibly efficient and versatile home electronics, especially for kitchens.

About the Product

Moheato is the world’s most energy-efficient and versatile induction heater. And also the most beautiful one. Here is how it works:

– Choose any liquid (water, milk, soup, baby food)
– Choose any vessel (cup, glass, jar, carafe, teapot, bowl)
– Place the vessel with the liquid on the Moheato plate
– Put our magic rod inside
– Choose the temperature or mode
– Let it boil!

Almost every household has a kettle, and all of them eat too much energy, every single day. The energy waste from inefficient water heating in UK households equals CO2 emissions of 200.000 cars, every year. It’s because traditional kettles have seen almost no innovation in 100 years.

With Moheato, you can warm any amount of anything in anything. Our patented technology has the highest energy efficiency of all heaters. The customer benefits are:

– Save energy and water cost, kitchen space and time
– Heat anything, not just water
– Doesn’t get piping hot
– Doesn’t contain BPA or questionable materials (use your own mugs/pots)
– No own weight, easy to lift for children or the elderly
– Doesn’t rust or calcify: super easy to clean
– Will be enriched with smart functionality, remote control, Alexa interface etc.
– Ideal companion for vacations and trips

Moheato will also be a tremendous addition in commercial environments (hotels, offices, kindergartens, retirement homes, restaurants, co-working spaces, accelerators…).

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