About Spoontainable

Spoontainable was founded in Stuttgart to meet the challenge of sustainability and to participate in reducing plastic consumption by developing a sustainable and eatable ice cream spoon. Our team is composed of six students from the University of Hohenheim. Amelie, Julia and Anja are the founders of the company and started their first backing trials in the shared kitchen of the dormitory. After a few months of experiences and prototypes we conducted successfully our crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and are now ready for launching the first sustainable and eatable ice cream spoons.

About the Product

The basis of our eatable spoon are the fibres of the cacao bean shell. During the procedure of food processing the plant fibres emerge as an organic residual. We are using that residual which is full of chocolate taste and dietary fibres. Our eatable ice cream spoon cannot only be used for ice cream but also for Frozen Joghurt, Bubble Waffles or other Deserts. Don’t Waste It – Taste It!

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