Stark Mobility Inc

Stark Mobility Inc

About Stark Mobility

Stark Mobility designs innovative electric mobility solutions and services that change the way we move. We solve real problems for urban transportation. Our vehicles are also extremely fun to ride!

About the Product

Our first solution is the ​StarkBoard​​, an electric skateboard entirely controlled by an intuitive body motion control system based intelligent weight and motion sensors. It tracks natural weight shifting instead of using a remote control. A completely new way to ride an electric skateboard. It’s fast, safe and easy to learn.

Our second solution is the ​StarkNetwork​​, a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) offering that redefines the traditional “one owner = one user” model of vehicle ownership. Our service model enables hosts (owners) to profit from ride share transactions, without having to worry about maintenance, regulations and insurance. It’s a network of shared electric vehicles (scooters & cars).

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