About GymCraft

If You´re looking for ordinary – look away now. Thumbs Up brings Fun, Quality and Value to the technology, Home and Lifystyle Marketplace. An Award-Winning Product Development company with innovation running through its DNA – Thumbs Up has been bringing Quirky Products to retailers large and small since 2004. A well known distribution company for the gifting market.

Product Description

Rushing to type an important document? This compact and ultra-portable laser keyboard is integrated with an German QWERTZ keyboard layout, with over 400 characters. Simply connect to a USB port or switch your devices Bluetooth on, connect to the Laser Keyboard, place on a flat surface and watch the red laser, keys appear! Furthermore you can re-charge your phone on the go as this laser keyboard can also be used as a power bank. Just make sure you charge up the laser device via the USB cable and you will always have a spare battery with you!

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