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Spotify gets German launch tomorrow Written by Linsey Fryatt on 12. March 2012

German music fans rejoice, Spotify – the famous music streaming and sharing service – officially launches in the country tomorrow.
The long-awaited arrival Spotify will allow German users to stream 16 million songs from its massive catalogue, as well as share playlists with other users in 13 countries worldwide.
Since its launch in 2008, the Swedish-based music service has enjoyed massive success, with over 10 million active users, with approximately a third of them now using a paid-for Premium account. The streaming model – allowing users to simply play “live” from a cloud-based playlist rather than download tracks – has revolutionised the way listeners consumer music online.

Why is Germany so late to the Spotify party?

So why has it taken so long for Germany to reap the rewards, when the UK has been enjoying the service for three years and there’s even been a US rollout nine months ago?
Director of International growth Axel Bringéus told Focus Magazine today that the company “allowed a little more lead time” due to the logistics of translating a website, establishing German partnerships and integrate a new team.
He refused to comment on whether it had to do with any difficult negotiations with Germany’s notoriously prickly GEMA performance rights body that has seen YouTube offer restricted content.
Earlier this year, Germany’s closest solution to Spotify, Grooveshark, closed its doors, partly due to GEMA restrictions. Unlike Grooveshark, however, it seems that Spotify has waited for full negotiations before launch, as well as negotiating proper deals with the big four record labels: Sony, Warner, Universal and EMI.
What do you think? Are you going to sign u for Spotify tomorrow? Let us know.