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Spotted: Vinary, ROCKETHOME, Der Kontext Written by Felicitas Hackmann on 16. May 2016

Wine seminar at home boxes: vinary

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 08.45.53Based in Hamburg, vinary lets you order wine boxes to your house with information about the bottles to give you an experience similar to a wine seminar. That way customers learn about different tastes, which food goes well with which wine or even in which order the wines should be tasted. Package prices vary from €29.99 to €79.99 and differ in the number and variety of wine bottles as well as the information that comes with it. While these boxes will probably not make you a sommelier, it is probably a good start to understand a little more about wines and why not to choose bottles by the design of the label.

Connecting your home: ROCKETHOME

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 09.50.57Earlier this month, Cologne-based ROCKETHOME announced a new investment round. The startup offers complete digitilization of home solutions. Sensors let you, for example, control the energy used in individual rooms. Other uses are baby monitoring, animal monitoring, mould monitoring, and vacancy monitoring. Besides white label solutions, ROCKETHOME also developed products for companies such as Miele and Deutsche Telekom. ROCKETHOME is available for all devices from web to smartwatch.

Interactive Background Magazine: Der Kontext

Based in Munich and having been part of the first batch at Media Lab Bayern incubator, Der Kontext aims to build a magazine that lets readers deep dive into topics. That is done by an interactive map. Users can pick a main topic, for example, an economic crisis, and will find all related topics to it on a map and can go from one aspect to the other to gain all important background information. That way readers can get insights on complex topics and understand the big picture.

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Images: Screenshots vinary and ROCKETHOME