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Startupbootcamp launches in Berlin – why the time is ripe to build your Berlin business Written by Linsey Fryatt on 21. March 2012

startup bootcampStartupbootcamp, the Europe-wide startup accelerator program, is coming to Berlin. The network already has vibrant mentoring projects in Copenhagen, Dublin, Amsterdam and Madrid and now it’s setting up camp in the German capital.
Startupbootcamp offers a three-month early assistance plan to budding businesses in the form of seed funding, co-working space and a dedicated mentorship plan from industry experts. At the end of the programme, startups will also get the chance to pitch their new product to top angel investors and VCs for funding.

alex farcetWhy Berlin needs a startup accelerator

Alex Farcet, the Danish co-founder of Startupbootcamp explains why he’s ready to launch in Berlin, and why he’s even relocating to the city: “I’ve been keeping an eye on the burgeoning scene there for a year now. The Berlin ecosystem is thriving and, although there is a number of really strong startup initiatives, there isn’t a pure accelerator in the TechStars spirit.
“Sometimes when you’re an entrepreneur you’ve got to make a big move to make something happen and that’s exactly what I’m doing: I’m going to relocate to Berlin for the rest of the year to launch Startupbootcamp.”

If you’re the best startup coming out of Berlin then you’re immediately on the radar

“It’s a fantastic base for entrepreneurs: it’s international and welcoming; there’s an active network of high calibre startups and founders; it’s in Germany, Europe’s largest market; it’s relatively inexpensive; and it has that intangible but highly valuable currency for startups: buzz.
“If you’re the best startup coming out of Berlin then you’re immediately on the radar. Put simply, Berlin is on everyone’s lips and not just in Europe”

The cream of Berlin startup mentors

Alex has also been procuring the best entrepreneurial mentors on the market for the Berlin round and already has Eric Wahlforss from SoundCloud , Maria Lindinger from , Edial and Floris Dekker from Gidsy, Jodok Batlog from, and Jessica Erikson formerly of 6Wunderkinder on board.
“What’s more, our existing mentors are on board for Berlin too. I recently asked our mentors in Copenhagen if they’d be interested in helping out in Berlin and 14 of them immediately said they were in! Imagine the high calibre of people from Startupbootcamp Dublin, Amsterdam and Madrid who are going to be keen to connect to the Berlin scene!”

Startupbootcamp – all you need to know

Startupbootcamp will hold 8% of the shares in your Startup, in exchange for you and your Startup to participate in the Program. We ‘accelerate’ your business by providing office space, housing, international PR, free legal and tax advice, sponsor deals and a capital injection of €17,000. Ten teams will be accepted into the programme.
• Applications are open now, you can apply on the website
• Applications close 17 June 2012
• Selection Event Day 3-4 July, top 20 teams invited
• Acceleration Program Starts 3 Sept – 26 Nov 2012
• Investor Day 27 November, pitch your idea to investors
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