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Startup Camp Berlin 2012 – Qipoqo wins bitcrowd CampChamp Written by Linsey Fryatt on 19. March 2012

Qipoqo, a skills bartering website, has landed the bitcrowd CampChamp prize at this year’s Startup Camp Berlin 2012.
The online platform, developed by Saskia Sefranek and Celine Schmahl (pictured above) allows users to swap skills and services using a points-based system, and has won the pair €40,000 worth of prizes from the CampChamp organisers, including three months of free space, legal services and dev time.
The concept takes the Skillshare/Workhub models and refines with a points-based system, so that users could offer up their specific skills – from building shelves to wedding photography to developing a website – to earn points that can then be exchanged for other services.
The Barcelona-based entrepreneurs were delighted with the accolade, which they won over eight other contenders after delivering a three-minute pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs.
Schmahl stated: “We only got invited to pitch on Wednesday, took a flight on Thursday, which was delayed, made it late to the pitch training and discovered that we had to redo our whole pitch. We worked most of the night and well, we won!”

THE other bitcrowd CAMPCHAMP contenders

A new board game that uses chess pieces and cards drawn at random, plus smartphone and desktop integration.
A web-based peer platform and recommendation engine that uses your most trusted friends to offer you advice based on “taste clusters”. So your movie-buff mates will offer film advice, foodies restaurant tips, etc
A website that enables you to make your own customised jam flavours. Just select from fruit and herb options and the Jamanized team will make a batch and deliver it to your door. Launching in the UK due to its £160m pa jam sector.
A social betting tool for real-world challenges, so whether you want to stop smoking, run a marathon, streak at a football match etc, this app will let you open up the challenge to your friends and even compete against each other.
Live College
Online resource to allow teachers and experts to share their skills directly to potential students, as well as offer online advice and tailored learning materials.
LouLou box
Two “mompreneurs” create monthly craft projects in a box that are tailored according to age and interest. Similar to the Wummelkiste model.
Location-based gaming delivered through your smartphone, but utilising real-life tools such as telephone boxes, bus-stops etc. Monetised through brand participation.
UI check
Crowd-based usability testing for websites and services about to release to market. Video testing and direct feedback from testers to ensure your site is operating as it should.