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Career accelerator Startup Institute launches in Berlin and London Written by Michelle Kuepper on 14. January 2014

US career accelerator Startup Institute is coming to Europe, today launching in Berlin and London. The full-time eight-week programme aims to offer grads, young professionals and career-changers the basic skills to work in a startup.


It’s the first expansion outside the US for the course – launched in 2012, the school is also active in Boston, New York and Chicago. Participants in the Startup Institute programme choose to focus on one of four skill-sets: product and design, technical marketing, sales and account management and web development.

The Institute also has partnerships with startups that are hiring, claiming 90 per cent of grads go on to land a startup job. The Institute’s first Berlin-based partner is food delivery platform Delivery Hero – that yesterday announced a €88m funding round. The startups that choose to partner with the Institute get the first pick of the grads and are charged a hiring fee if they recruit programme alumni.

Explaining the idea behind the programme, Startup Institute CEO Aaron O’Hearn said: “Traditional workplace skills don’t always transition well into startup culture, but that doesn’t mean that talented people should dismiss job opportunities at startups. Startup Institute helps people develop the softer skills to help them make this cultural shift and become valuable startup employees.”

The new skills and connections come at a price, though. Berlin students are charged €3,150 if they pay upfront and €3,950 if they pay over 18 months – a pretty hefty fee considering that starting salaries in Berlin startups tend to be very low.

Applications are now open for the first round of the course, beginning on 12 May and hosted in Berlin’s Hakescher Markt.

Image credit: Flickr user IngolfBLN

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