The 2017 HEUREKA conference is pleased to announce the debut of a startup library in cooperation with various publishing houses. The library will feature an expansive compilation of recently published books and classic texts covering a spectrum of topics – from entrepreneurship to finding happiness.

Our exclusive roof terrace lounge is the perfect space for participants to sit back and relax, while reading or chatting with other attendees. Did we mention the unlimited supply of coffee and tea will be provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

We are also thrilled to welcome Felix Plötz, CEO of “Plötz & Betzholz” and author of “Das 4-Stunden Startup,” and Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, Startup funding specialist and CEO & Founder of Copenhagen United Aps, to our startup library. Both Plötz and Nielsen will read sections from their books and answer any and all questions in the library’s casual and relaxed atmosphere.