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Startup of the Week: Datamaid – sexing up your productivity Written by Tobias Stone on 9. May 2013


Recent winners of the pitch competition at Startup Standup in Belgrade, Datamaid is a tool that allows journalists and bloggers to create “smart clippings” on the fly, before importing to a multimedia timeline. We caught up with the founders Katarina Popovic and Igor Bozovic to find out more about the Balkan startup scene…

You guys are based in Serbia, but you mentioned your team are quite international? Where else have you lived?

Igor: “I was born in London, lived there for 11 years, then lived in Sweden, Iran for five years, and Serbia for 13 years.
Katarina: “I lived in the States, but I chose to come back to Serbia now because we have this urge to fix things, because things are not working. We’re not in a fully developed system where everything is smooth. Here there are things to fix constantly, which keeps us from becoming too relaxed.

If you were to move from Belgrade to a larger tech hub, where would you like to go, and why?

Katarina: Berlin is great. What I like about Berlin is the touch of European culture. Obviously San Francisco would be the city of choice, as well. But Berlin I find more similar to Belgrade. I like the way that a barrier was torn down. There is a feeling of freedom you have in Berlin still. I like the people coming to Berlin from everywhere and mixing.

Have you received any investment yet? Or how have you grown this far?

Igor: Not yet. We’re bootstrapping right now and actively looking for investment.

Why attend these type of pitching events?

Igor: The energy and positive vibes. You sometimes feel like giving up, and this reinvigorated us. Also becoming a part of the Seedcamp family is amazing. There’s a difference in getting feedback from someone who is really experienced and has seen a lot. We also made friends with the other entrepreneurs.

Apart from money, what is the one thing you need the most?

Katarina: More hours in the day. We want to develop our business model. Either to get someone on the team or find an advisor to develop that side of it. The web interface is happening, but we need to hone the business model for when the interface is ready.

Where are you flying to next?

I guess our next flights will be to Berlin, for Seedcamp Berlin.

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