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Best place in Berlin to close a deal? Tips from a Berlin tastemaker Written by Tobias Tanner on 14. June 2012

The fabulous life of a Berlin startup often includes late nights, cheap meals, and generic hand soap. When a special visitor comes to town, it might be time for an upgrade. Our friend Tobias heads up V Recommends, a company that offers custom tailored excursions for the special guests of Berlin CEOs and executives. For our readers, we asked Tobias if he’d use his expertise to design a startup-specific list of recommendations. Here are the five places he sent our way…

width="500"Photo: Felix M. Weber

Mani Hotel Restaurant – for a founding team dinner

width="400"Photo Credit: The Amano Hotel

This wholesome French-Isreali restaurant is a hidden gem in the center of Mitte. A fireplace makes it a cosy joint in the winter, while an intimate back terrace makes for fresh ideas during warmer times. Of all the places to bring your team (from the developer to the intern), this one is highly recommended. It’s comfortable, small and the drinks are limited (think not much more than the Horse’s Neck) so it’s easy to focus. PS: The foie gras burger is excellent, as is the artichoke and pomegranate starter.

Hotel Mani, Torstr 136. 10119 Mitte +49 (0)30 5302 8080

ULA – for closing the deal

width="400"Photo Credit: ULA

Exquisite Japanese cuisine and sake bar sure to impress. Nothing spells quality like a wagyu beef sirloin. Chef Daisuke Nakashima is the former head chef for the Japanese Embassy on Tiergartenstrasse. The owner, Taro Fugita, is a successful Tokyo businessman himself, ULA being his first foray into Berlin’s thriving gastronomy scene. Tucked away in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Mitte, you’ll find an oasis of detail, service and fine feeding. And not too many inquisitive ears (shh! Don’t tell). My personal recommendation? Go for the miso soup broth with salmon and the prawn tempura.
Ula, Anklamer Strasse 8. 10115 Mitte +49.(0)30 8937 9570

Manufactum – for buying your investor a gift

width="400"Photo credit: Manufactum

This emporium of German-made goods is the best place for quality craftsmanship. Everything tells a story. Set in two stories in Charlottenberg, there’s home-and-garden downstairs and crafty little nick-nacks upstairs. You will also find mens and womens perfumes immaculately selected from heritage houses in Italy, England, France and Austria. The recipient is sure to feel special. And if you feel a bit peckish, head next door for the house’s wine and cheese parlour.
Manufactum, Hardenbergstrasse 4-5 10623 Charlottenburg +49 (0)30 2403 3844

Pauly Saal Bar – for breaking up with your co-founder

width="400"Photo credit: Pauly Saal

Let’s face it: for as bad as it got, it was a good run. Here’s the place you want to be when the tears start flowing. It’s warm and dimly lit, and the drinks don’t come with a cue. This watering hole in the newly opened Jüdische Mädchenschule (Jewish girls school) is run by Boris Radczun and Stefan Landwehr of Grill Royal, and its quality is up to suit. The Pauly Saal restaurant is located in the gymnasium on the ground floor of the pre-war building. Equipped with an enormous rocket overhead and taxedermic foxes by Gerhard Richter in odd, transfixed poses, the bar is still a comfortable oasis. If things get really bad, head next door to Mogg & Melzer Deli for succulent pastrami on homemade bread (Vegetarians not to dismay – delicious options await you too.)
Pauly Saal Bar, Auguststrasse 11-13, 10117 Mitte +49 (0)30 3300 6070

Side By Side Gallery – for your office’s first serious piece of art

width="400"Photo credit:

When you exit, exit big. Art consultant and dealer Akim Monet just might spend an hour discussing everything from art to philosophy, religion or his current exhibition. This gallery features everything from Picasso to Marina Abromivicz to personal items from the Monet collection. If you’re looking to fill that gap behind your receptionist’s desk and are serious about starting a collection to inspire your team, this is a great place to start.
Side by Side Gallery, Potsdamer Strasse 81. 10785 Tiergarten +49 (0)30 2546 0944

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